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 Mini210S Black Edition     

EXCLUSIVE to IndustrialARMWorks by FriendlyArm as the Premier FriendlyArm Distributor in North and South America

 Mini210S Black Edition - 1GHz CPU / 1GB SLC Flash / 512MB RAM / HDMI / USB 2.0 / Android 4.0 ......  Click here for details.

Aside from the awesomeness of being black, and saying "ARMWorks", it has a couple other features. First, the microphone, ADC test pot, and the piezo buzzer can all be removed (unsoldered - they are through hole parts) and a 6 pin socket gives access to those signals. You can see it in the lower left here, by the user buttons. OEMs may order boards without the three parts and the GPIO and bus extension headers unpopulated. Oh, and 1G SLC NAND to make sure there are open source drivers.



However, the coolest feature is a write protect jumper for the EEPROM. Why is this so cool? There is now a place to safely store an Ethernet address, phone number, serial number or anything that will fit in 256 bytes. The EEPROM is independent of the NAND flash so you can switch OS's, reburn the flash, or anything else and still get to EEPROM data that uniquely identifies the board. This also opens the way to ship boards with different Ethernet addresses. On the current boards, in order to have more than one on a network, we have to fiddle with the bootloader or the Linux or other OS and configure each board. And do it again if any changes are made and NAND is rewritten. With the EEPROM, we can quickly load the data then remove the jumper for the write-enable.



10.1” LCD (W101)

with 1024x600, precise resistive touch screen

LED backlight, backlight adjustable

With a fixed panel, size: 25x16cm - power supply: 5V/2A 


10.1 Android10.1Windows 


Mini2451 now available!

The hugely popular Mini2440 has been updated. The Mini2451 has 128 MBytes of RAM and a bunch of other new features. Size, connector locations, mounting holes are all the same as Mini2440 with two welcome exceptions. The PSU barrel jack is now the same as all other FriendlyARM boards, and the USB Device is a MiniUSB connector and still in the same location. Make that three. The bus expansion header is replaced by a standard SDIO header. The S3C2451 processor is made in Samsung's 90 nm process and is so much smaller that the whole Mini2451 uses 1/3 the power of the Mini2440. The S3C2440 chip production has been halted by Samsung. We have plenty for OEMs who need time to switch. But we encourage all new customers to use the Mini2451 (or Mini210S, etc.).



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