Smart210 is a smart way to start a project.

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The Smart210-SDK is just what it says. A Smart choice for design and application. What is so smart about it? Just about everything! First, the Smart210 Core Module has all its voltage regulators on board plus the Ethernet chip. If you plan to plug the core onto a design of your own, the Ethernet is taken care of and the regulation. See the Smart210 Core Module page for more goodness. The single Cortex A8 runs fast and cool. Second, the Smart210 module is pin compatible with the Smart4418. Need more processing juice? Pop in the Quad Core Cortex A9 4418 at 1.4GHz. Now if that isn't enough, the module is ALSO pin compatible with the Smart6818 Core Module - 8 cores of Cortex A53.  1GHz A8, 1.2GHZ Quad A9, 1.4GHz Octo A53. You choose your caliber. As needs change, you change the module, not your whole design and interface. With their built in voltage regulation and power control, the Smart Core Modules can take 2 to 6V as input power.

This is the NanoPi M2 and it has a very handy size and shape. Quad core ARM Cortex A9 at 1.4GHz.

(This is the NanoPi M2 and it is very cool. Click for a look at the page)

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